Admission requirements, placement policy, fee structure and transportation for JIS

Admission Requirements and Placement Policy

The basic criteria for placement are the age of the child on September 5th as decreed by The Ministry of Education and the school’s assessment of the child during the admissions process. However, other factors will also be considered, including maturity, previous educational experience, and level of achievement, level of English and Math (at least 60% achievement at the time of entry).

N.B Please see specific requirements for grades 9-12 students in Section school admissions and requirements

As well, given the international nature of our student population and the varying admissions requirements of other countries then children who do not satisfy the starting date criteria will be considered on a case by case basis by the Deputy Director so that their placement is in their best interests. The school reserves the right to place each child in the class deemed to be most appropriate and beneficial to that child.

Responsibility of The School and Parents

1.The school and its representatives will take all reasonable care to ensure the educational and physical well-being of the student under its care. We undertake to inform parents in a timely fashion of any areas of concern and to work with the parents to reach suitable conclusion. The school reserves the right to deny admissions or to exclude a child if it feels it cannot offer an appropriate program, if information regarding a child has not been submitted accurately or if the school feels the child is an unsatisfactory member of the school community. In all cases the Directors decision is final.

2.Parents are responsible for getting their child to school:

  1. Punctually by 7:55am for an 8:00am start.
  2. With healthy and nutritious food. Children in KG to grade 2 do not use the canteen
  3. Neatly dressed in the school’s Uniform. PE uniform can only be worn on PE days.
  4. Ready for all lessons with all necessary books and materials.

Registration of Students

JIS Tuition FEES 2017/2018 (American Curriculum)

Grade Age as at sept. UK US Tuition Fees
Nursery 10500
Pre KG 14200
KG1 2.11+ Nursery KG1 17200
KG2 3.11+ Reception KG2 18500
KG3 4.11+ Year1 KG3 20600
Grade1 5.9+ Year2 Grade1 23380
Grade2 6.9+ Year3 Grade2 23630
Grade3 7.9+ Year4 Grade3 24130
Grade4 8.9+ Year5 Grade4 24680
Grade5 9.9+ Year6 Grade5 25205
Grade6 10.9+ Year7 Grade6 26130
Grade7 11.9+ Year8 Grade7 26730
Grade8 12.9+ Year9 Grade8 27280
Grade9 13.9+ Year10 Grade9 28880
Grade10 14.9+ Year11 Grade10 30030
Grade11 15.9+ Year12 Grade11 30830
Grade12 16.9+ Year13 Grade12 32430

JIS Books FEES 2017/2018 (American Curriculum)

Grade Price
KG1 600
KG2 675
KG3 1100
Grade1 1800
Grade2 1500
Grade3 1700
Grade4 1700
Grade5 1700
Grade6 1700
Grade7 1700
Grade8 1700
Grade9 2200
Grade10 2400
Grade11 2400
Grade12 2400

Frais Scolaires 2017 - 2018

Classe Age as at sept. Total
PM 2 ans 9 mois + 14250
MM 3 ans 9 mois + 15600
GM 4 ans 9 mois + 16950
CP 5 ans 9 mois + 18300
CE1 6 ans 9 mois + 18200
CE2 7 ans 9 mois + 19200
CM1 8 ans 9 mois + 19600
CM2 9 ans 9 mois + 20200
6eme 10 ans 9 mois + 21500
5eme 11 ans 9 mois + 21900
4eme 12 ans 9 mois + 22500
3eme 13 ans 9 mois + 23300
2nde 14 ans 9 mois + 24500
1ere(S) 15 ans 9 mois + 26050
1ere(ES) 16 ans 9 mois + 26300
Term(S) 16 ans 9 mois + 29650
Term(ES) 16 ans 9 mois + 29300

Frais Books Scolaires 2017 -2018

Grade Price
PM 300
MM 450
GM 450
CP 925
CE1 725
CE2 950
CM1 850
CM2 925
6eme 1375
5eme 1375
4eme 1600
3eme 1350
2nde 1775
1ere(S) 1600
1ere(ES) 1600
TermS 2000
TermES 1550

Registration Fees

  1. Placement Test fees :1500 SR (Non-Refundable)
  2. Registration fees: 1500 SR (Non-Refundable)
  3. Discount policy:-5%* for the second child and 10%* for the third child and all other children *(Discount will be only be on tuition fee)
  4. 5% discount upon full payment of fee (before start of school)

New Students:

All fees to be paid in full once the student has been accepted

Returning Students:

All fees to be paid in full before re-starting school

Withdrawl of Students During the Academic Year

  1. Students are accepted for a maximum of 90 school days (not including holidays and weekends)
  2. During this period no refund of tuition for withdrawal, absence or dismissal will be made.
  3. In the case of a company transfer, notice in writing to this effect should be given to the Admissions Office as early as possible and must be received at least 45 school days (not including weekends or holidays) before the intended withdrawal date. No refund shall be made after the expiration of the notice period. All other withdrawals require 90 school days’ notice in writing to the Admissions Office.

Non-Payment of Fees

Where school fees remain unpaid 5 working days after a student has been admitted, the school may regrettably be left with no choice but to have the child stay home until school fees are paid.

Where school fees remain unpaid reports or other school documentation shall not be released until the money is paid in full. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to return to school where school fees for any period remain unpaid.

@ 5% penalty of remaining balance past the due date will be charged in case of late payment.

Bus transportation

The school provides bus transportation within the Jeddah area.Bus fees are to be paid for one term in advance and this payment must be paid within 5 days of the student starting school.

NOTE: We have limited seats and the school reserves the right to refuse transportation facility to anyone either in case of non-availability of seat(s) or due to non-compliance with school terms & conditions.

Location Two Ways One Way
Saudi City 3550 2550
Al Rawdah – Al Salama 4250 3050
Al Zahra – Al Nahda - Al naeem – Mohammedia – Al Bawadi 4550 3550
Al Faisaliyah – Al Rabwa – Al Safa - Al Marwa 4550 3550
Hamra – Ruwais - Andulus 4750 3550
Al Musharafia -AL Sulaimania AL Naseem - AL rehab 5000 3750


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