Parental involvement has been shown by research as one of the most significant factors contributing to a childs success in school and later in life. When parents are actively involved in their childrens education, the level of student achievement increases. At JIS we have noticed that with parental involvement, attendance is regular and uninterrupted, more homework is completed in a consistent manner, and more positive attitudes towards school and the entire community are demonstrated. This recognition has prompted us to ensure that parents are informed about and involved in their children’s education, and we foster partnerships with parents to help us understand their needs and expectations.In respect to this partnership, we provide parents with the information, opportunities, and support they need to become involved. Parents should feel welcome in JIS and are encouraged to ask questions and voice their concerns. They can participate in formal organization such as attendance at quarterly parent-teacher conferences and other official programs. Our successful school-parent partnership renders supportive relationships in which staff and parents work together to improve student learning and we encourage appropriate and workable types of parental involvement in JIS. Through collaboration and mutual understanding, a healthy relationship exists between the school and parents.


The following means of communication with the school are available to parents

  • This website.
  • Parents’ portal of our School Enterprise System.
  • Text messages.
  • Phone calls.
  • Regular correspondence on pertinent issues.
  • Parent-teacher Conferences.
  • Individual meetings with Directors, Administrators, Faculty & Staff.
  • Open door policy of unimpeded access to Management at JIS.


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