The school provides uniform for students and the wearing of school uniform is compulsory. Students not in uniform must report to the office as they cannot enter the main school premises

The policy of the school is: No uniform = No school.

A PE uniform is supplied for each student and it must be worn.

Students are to change out of and back into their school uniforms for PE lessons only.

We ask that parents and staff support the school in enforcing this rule.


  1. Boys and girls up to grade 4/8ème School Polo shirt and shorts/trousers, no tie.
  2. Boys and girls grade 5/7ème up to grade 8/4ème Yellow cottoned school shirt, tie and trousers.
  3. High school students grade 9/3ème up to grade 12/Bacc2. Light blue colored shirt, tie and trousers.


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