A Focus on High Level of Student Achievement

  • JIS stresses student learning, and using some time for activities unrelated to learning.
  • Most of the day is spent by students working on curriculum requirements.
  • Classroom instructional time is protected, with minimal interruptions.
  • There is collaboration and team work among teachers.
  • Classroom resources address cultural diversity.
  • What homework is and the reasons for giving it, are understood by all stakeholders.
  • All students are given opportunities to improve academically.
  • Students acknowledge learning as their duty and know why they are learning.
  • All students are provided with the resources and opportunities to succeed.
  • Students have opportunities through extra- and co-curricular activities to achieve success outside of the classroom.
  • Students and parents understand the expected achievement levels and indicators of success.
  • Leadership roles are highly prized and students have the opportunity to play them.v

Climate of High Expectation for Success

  • There is regular measurement of students’ academic progress.
  • Different assessment methods are employed, and the results are used to improve student learning.
  • Teachers inform students and parents about expectations for students’ work.
  • Information on students’ progress is collected and communicated to parents progressively.
  • Teachers understand the achievement levels as described in the Ministry of Education’s curriculum policy documents, and apply these levels consistently.
  • Teachers strive to provide enriched learning experiences throughout the day.


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