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If you are looking for a school that has modern facilities, organizational effectiveness and outstanding student performance through engaged learning, you are at the right place.

At Jeddah International School, we follow institutionalized international standards, principles and best practices that guide and ensure effective teaching and learning; in all profile dimensions of personality. We cultivate our students in skills and competencies that equip them to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, eliciting to the fore their inherent potentialities without compromising their cultural and religious persuasions, and academic freedom.

Our school has come a long way; from the humble beginnings in 1999 to a complex multicultural institution with students and staff from 46 countries, using English and French as mediums of instruction. Our goal is to build a multicultural academic institution of comparable elevation to the best anywhere in the world. We have taken great strides and we look back with pride on our achievements and accomplishments; and at the same time looking forward with great anticipation to our potentialities.

In pursuance of JIS Board of Trustees’ goals of meeting international standards in all educational programs on offer, we have sought and obtained full accreditation by both MSA and AdvancED agencies. We strictly adhere to both MSA – CESS (The Middle States Association, Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools) and AdvancED requirements and accreditation standards.

This website gives you an overview of the Jeddah International School in its entirety: programs, students, faculty, staff, parents, etc. and the relative roles played by stake holders to achieve our School purpose. Hopefully, many of your questions will be answered; otherwise please contact us using the available media.

We look forward to having a fruitful relationship with you as a parent/guardian, student, or as a stake holder, in any form.

Thanks for your visit.


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