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Jeddah InternationalSchool (JIS) operates in a delightful and harmonious ambience; where educational procedures and practices are informed by, and predicated on; demands of curriculum, instruction and assessment; as we teach and learn every day. Fruitful collaboration and healthy partnership with stakeholders exist as we meet the pervasive demands of: school climate; programs; support services; and the totality of the multifarious activities that give us our definition as JIS. We also demonstrate our disposition to face contemporary developments in education, achieve results and accomplish our objectives without compromising our obligations to stakeholders and society.This is JIS at a glance.

History and Description

Jeddah International School (JIS), as the name suggests, is in the historic port city of Jeddah, (also known as “The Bride of the Red Sea”); the principal gateway to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia. It is the largest seaport on the Red Sea and the second largest city in Saudi Arabia with a population of about 4 million. JIS campus is sited on a flat piece of land on Al Rawdah Street, behind Badria Towers, in Khaldyeah District of Jeddah, and has seen profound refurbishment and expansion using up all available land space to accommodate a large number of students. Vertical expansion is going on, in order to provide facilities and services in conformity with the school improvement plan.


Our school is a gender-based, private, independent institution; being part of the limited liability company, Al Feras Educational Company. It is owned by Mr. Tarek Al Harazy who is also the School Director, and licensed by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education. The school was founded in the year 2000 and offers an international curriculum in English, specifically the American Diploma and the medium of instruction is English. It also includes a French section recognized by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education as Khaldyeah, Jeddah International?School?(KJIS).? KJIS offers the French curriculum and the medium of instruction is French. This program prepares students for the French Brevet, Baccalaureate 1 (Anticipation) and Baccalaureate 2.  
JIS/KJIS have now been merged into a single school, known as Jeddah International School (JIS), which is the official designation, recognized by our accreditation agencies and the Ministry of Education. 


At its inception with 13 students, the student population at JIS has risen to 1,800 to date, from 49 different countries. Increasing numbers of our students graduate with high school diplomas every year and many of them have been admitted to colleges and universities, especially in the USA. There is an alumni association with over 300 registered members who are ever prepared to help in the school’s development efforts.  To adequately prepare our students for college, as a complement to our internal assessment strategies, and also give them international exposure, we have introduced external assessment standardized tests. The following are compulsory tests for students: Pre-SAT for Grades 10 & 11; SAT for Grade 12, Stanford 10 Standardized Test for K-12, and World Educational Games in English and Math.

JIS Board Goals 

In pursuance of JIS Board goals of meeting international standards in all educational programs on offer, early efforts were made to seek MSA – CESS accreditation in 2003 which was obtained in 2007. After 5 years that ended in 2012, there was another inspection by the MSA – CESS during May 4 - 7, 2012; after which our accreditation status was extended to December, 2019. We were also accredited by NWAC in 2011 and have now obtained AdvancED accreditation, which expires in December, 2019. 

In Brief:

  • JIS has an orderly, purposeful and secure atmosphere, free from the threat of physical harm and violence.
  • The behavior code of JIS upholds respect, self-discipline, positive relationships, and the prevention of inappropriate, deviant and anti-social behavior.
  • Discipline for staff and students is maintained in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Behavior policies and expectations are understood by and communicated to parents, students, teachers, and all staff.
  • Pervasive student collaboration, education and training ensures a safe school environment.
  • Clear-cut procedures are in place  to address issues such as conflict mediation, bullying, and building healthy relationships.
  • JIS celebrates academic success, outstanding performance and positive behavior.

JIS celebrates Saudi National Day!

There will be NO School on Sunday, September 23, 2018.

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