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What is a school improvement plan?

A school improvement plan is a road map that sets out the policies, practices and procedures a school needs to institute, in order to improve the level of student achievement, and shows how and when these will be carried out. School improvement plans are focused: they help all stakeholders answer the questions “What shall we carry out now?” and “What shall we shelve?” Stakeholders have the reference document to monitor student achievement levels, the school environment and other things that impact student success and achievement. When there is valid and reliable information about student performance and the school’s operations, stakeholders are better able to respond to the needs of students, teachers, and parents. The school improvement plan is also a document for probity of, and accountability for, actions by the school’s administrators.

JIS School Improvement Goals

GOAL #1: All staff at JIS will continue to integrate technology in their instruction in order to improve instruction, enhance student engagement and maximize learning in a 21st Century Classroom. Staff and students shall demonstrate a proficiency and an increased integration of information technology for instruction and communication by 06/01/2020 as measured by the number of staff and students using technology in their instruction and communication.
GOAL #2: All students at JIS will become proficient writers and readers in their language of instruction as measured by external assessments. 100% of All Students will demonstrate a proficiency in reading and writing in their language of instruction in World Languages by 06/30/2020 as measured by external assessments.
GOAL #3: Maintain and improve during and after school activities for all students. Collaborative efforts are employed to offer a comprehensive range of extracurricular activities that add value to the educational experience of all students by 06/30/2020 as measured by the number of actives and student participants in all activities.
GOAL #4: 21st Century skills and best practices, shall be the basis of teaching and learning, and administration in JIS: Annually, and by the year 2020, JIS teachers, administrators and students will possess, teach and assess 21st Century skills, competencies and strategies, in order promote student achievement and success; as measured by teacher observation tools and student achievement.

JIS celebrates Saudi National Day!

There will be NO School on Sunday, September 23, 2018.

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