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  • An Orientation Package
  • This is a welcoming pack at the beginning of the school year. The pack gives an overview of our program, policies, procedures and practices. Parents who admit students after the orientation week also receive this pack at admissions.
  • A Weekly Plan
  • These are academic guides per grade level. They are displayed on our website every Thursday. They provide all the work that should be covered, either in class or at home. They also include schedules for projects, tests or quizzes and activities.
  • Various Activities & Events
  • These are organized with parents, during school time, throughout the year, and parents are notified of these. There are occasions when the class teacher will invite you in to work with the children.
  • Special Occasions:
  • Parents are invited to join the School in celebrating special occasions of the students’ achievement. These may include graduation days, Awards days, exhibition days, sports days and mothers’ days. Invitations are sent to parents by hand delivered letters/cards given to students and by school email.
  • Parents-Teachers Conferences (PTC):
  • PTCs are based on discussion of the students’ written reports. They are usually scheduled after every reporting period. Parent – Teacher’s conferences are conducted on designated days as per the calendar. A school newsletter and sms are sent home as a reminder.
  • Additional Conferences:
  • Parents or Teachers may request additional conferences throughout the school year to discuss achild’s academic or social progress. A request can be made by scheduling an appointment. We encourage parents to discuss any concerns they have with their child’steacher. The faculty at JIS is dedicated to students’ success and wants to be aware of anyconcerns parents may have.
  • Open Door & Meetings:
  • Parents are encouraged to make an appointment with staff to discuss any matters of concern. Meetings are arranged between the teacher, parents and Section Coordinator. If the matter is still unresolved then a meeting will be arranged between the teacher, parents, Section Coordinator and Section Principal and if need be the Assistant Director.
  • School Newsletter:
  • These are sent out regularly by the administration, this keeps the parents informed on current and upcoming events and general developments. A copy is sent by students to parents and a copy is emailed to parents’ emails.
  • School Surveys:
  • Parents are encouraged to participate in the School surveys. The surveys are usually during and after parents-teachers conferences. Most surveys are sent by email or in the parents’ portal.
  • Parents Portal
  • Every parent has access to all their children’s profile online. The parents’ portal serves as both a communication platform and a data storage tool. Al students assessments results both internal and external are posted in the portals as soon as they are available. Parents are encourage to monitor the progress of their children and communicate commends and comments to the respective staff.

JIS celebrates Saudi National Day!

There will be NO School on Sunday, September 23, 2018.

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