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Professional Development

The JIS leadership believes that good professional development programs help promote and support staff knowledge and competencies that enhance instruction. The JIS professional development effort is focused on student learning, current content, organizational effectiveness, and efficiency.

Continuous Skills Training

Consequently, we provide our staff and students with intensive, continuous skills and training activities that address curriculum and instructional practices related to student achievement, based on 21st Century best practices. Skills training is an integral part of the educational program and all school improvement initiatives, in order to accommodate the changing needs of the contemporary educational practice and meet expectations of a global world.

Professional Development Model

JIS uses an integrated model by putting all components together to best meet the specific needs of the school and staff. The emphasis has been on staff efficiency and student achievement. The professional development models available at JIS include Workshops and Video Instructions on:

The content of a program or new academic resources

New technology

Classroom management techniques

21st Century best practices

Orientation for New Staff Mentoring & Peer Coaching

Professional development for continuing staff members

Services are delivered by:

School-based staff

Management staff

Outside paid professionals

Professional organizations & Educational Institutions 

Webinars and the internet

Professional learning communities

International professional development ventures

JIS celebrates Saudi National Day!

There will be NO School on Sunday, September 23, 2018.

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