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Jeddah International School’s guidance and counseling program is an essential and integral part of the school’s educational program and mission. It is intended to assist every student in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become well-rounded individuals, responsible citizens, productive workers, and life-long learners. Primarily, it benefits individual students by addressing their intellectual, emotional, social, and psychological needs. The program also systematizes activities in the elementary, middle, and high schools, in harmony with its objectives and the school purpose. The Counselor works with all students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the entire community, in collaborative fashion, to realize the set objectives.
Over the years, we have seen a remarkable increase in college application activities to unprecedented levels with appreciable parental initiative and involvement. About 80% average of our Grade 12 students have applied to colleges the past three years and 85% of them have secured admission to pursue a variety of programs. We are confident that more students will secure admission in the coming years as we renew and intensify our efforts at student success.
Admittedly, Guidance and Counseling at JIS is still in its infancy with the concomitant teething problems. Many stakeholders do not fully appreciate its relevance as an indispensable component of the academic program and the immediate task confronting the department is to stimulate awareness of its complementary and interactive nature.
Our message to the JIS community, especially students, is: maintain self-discipline which is very important in all areas of human endeavor. Discipline simply means doing the right thing. It starts with external control by authority or authority figures, through which acceptable norms of behavior are internalized. Self-discipline involves what psychologists, Bandura and Walters, describe as; “self-generated stimulation that is relatively independent of environmental events.” The individual establishes a self-control mechanism and does not require anyone to remind him/her to do the right thing. When these norms are made part of the individual’s personality that guide action, then self-discipline is achieved. Self-discipline is sustainable, universally applicable, of enduring value and positively impacts all aspects of life. It is the key to success.

JIS celebrates Saudi National Day!

There will be NO School on Sunday, September 23, 2018.

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Date : September 22, 2018 ate 09:22:19am