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Our Academic Staff

As a matter of policy, JIS   recruits qualified and experienced staff, and maintains appropriate staffing levels, in response to current demands and expectations. It also promotes and maintains a system of supervision and reporting that inform appropriate professional development programs. Staff are treated fairly and equitably, and are given every assistance they need to accomplish expectations of the schools purpose statements.

  • Staff believe, and demonstrate behavior indicating that all students can learn and succeed. 
  • Teachers classroom practices and language reflect this belief. 
  •  Learning expectations are understood by all staff, students, and parents. 
  • All teachers understand and use a variety of techniques to measure and promote student achievement. 
  • Parents and staff believe that JIS controls the conditions for success. (e.g., by instituting best practices and implementing accreditation standards). 
  • Teachers understand and follow the Ministry of Educations curriculum policy, practices and procedures.

JIS celebrates Saudi National Day!

There will be NO School on Sunday, September 23, 2018.

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Date : September 22, 2018 ate 09:22:19am